what is a personal chef?

A Personal Chef is someone with a passion for cooking, who takes that passion into their clients home to share that love of food! My personal chef services can give you back the hours of free time that you had previously been spending planning meals, grocery shopping, preparing meals, and of course, cleaning up afterwards. All this, and I can prepare food that is fresher, tastier and healthier than you were eating before!

Are you a family with a packed schedule and often find yourself resorting to fast food or processed meals because of time restrictions?  My personal chef service is a great way to have healthy and variety filled meals at your fingertips, all without sacrificing your time!

Are you a busy professional that is so busy building your career that you either eat unhealthy meals, or no meal at all?  My personal chef service can prepare meals to your specifications that will allow you spend more time at work, thus enabling you to build your career, all while staying healthy.

Are you someone that would like healthy, calorie controlled meals but do not have the time to shop, cook, clean and calculate the nutritional content?  Let me do it all for you!  I can prepare ‘spa’ meals with restricted calories, using any dietary plan you request.  No more frozen TV dinners with no taste, instead have a fresh, hearty, but low calorie meal that is ready when you are!

Let me help you get ‘your’ time back and eat healthy! Call me today for a free consultation!

At Your Table serves the West Houston area, including Katy, Sugar Land, Richmond, the Memorial & Galleria area & Downtown Houston.

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